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The furniture of Regency period Britain was shaped by three key factors: influential royal patronage; the rise of innovative designers such as Thomas Hope, George Bullock and John Soane and the new found wealth of the Industrial Revolution giving impetus to building schemes throughout Britain.

The furniture illustrated below was created to furnish the beautiful crescents and Terraces of Nash's Regent's Park, Edinburgh's New Town and the resort and spa towns especially Cheltenham.

The rosewood window seat is a particularly elegant example and the rosewood is subtly enhanced by the ormolu mounts. The design of the swept legs suggests it may be by William Trotter who supplied the finest furniture for Edinburgh's New Town.

The pair of bookcases are extemely useful and perfect for framing a fireplace or a doorway. Their carved detailing especially the ionic capitals and fluted pilasters is beautifully crisp and as you can see they are perfect for displaying objects as well as holding books.

I love the brass door stop in the form of a stylised dolphin. The Regency's key patrons especially the Prince Regent loved the exotic and this door stop would bring a small taste of it to any room.

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A Regency Window Seat

A Regency Window Seat


Height: 24.75" (63cm)

Depth: 15.25" (38.5cm)

Width: 56.25" (143cm)

An elegant Regency period rosewood window seat; with scrolling ends and raised on sabre legs which terminate in the original oak leaf cap castors. The frame reeded throughout and decorated with ormolu mounts.

Ref: BA207

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A Pair Of Regency Bookcases

A Pair Of Regency Bookcases


Height: 42" (106.75cm)

Depth: 14.25" (36.5cm)

Width: 43.25" (110cm)

A handsome pair of Regency period rosewood veneered bookcases; the well figured top above fluted pilasters with ionic capitals which flank fully adjustable shelves; raised on a plinth base.

Ref: BA184

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