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Signed and Marked Furniture at Reindeer Antiques

This month we have chosen to highlight some our marked and labelled pieces of English furniture.

It is rare to find pieces of furniture which bear any makers' marks, labels or signatures. This was due to the lack of a guild system controlling the furniture trade in contrast to the trade in France.

The makers' marks range from crude wright marks similar to those used by stone masons to beautifully printed labels pasted  into drawers. An example of a piece with crude wright marks is the beautiful Welsh dresser illustrated below.

In contrast the convex mirror retains a label for one of the most famous carvers and gilders Ackermann & Co. Sometimes these labels can shed light on the original home of a piece of furniture or give a more accurate date for a piece of furniture. The stamp on the partners' desk illustrated shows it to be an earlier example than expected.

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