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Brass Inlaid Furniture

This month we have selected some of our finest examples of brass inlaid furniture. Brass inlaid furniture was first perfected for the court of Louis XIV by Andre-Charles Boulle. This fashion was revived in England during the Regency period led by the patronage of the Prince Regent and the Marquess of Hertford amongst others.

The boulle commode illustrated below was commissioned to meet this taste for the boulle revival. The profusely inlaid card table shown below shows how this fashion was translated into decoration for classic English furniture types.

We continue to add to our blog and one of our most recent postings discusses a new world record price for English Furniture.

A Louis XIV Revival Boulle Marquetry and Ormolu Mounted Commode

A Louis XIV Revival Boulle Marquetry and Ormolu Mounted Commode


Height: 34.75"

Depth: 26"

Width: 53"

Decorated to the top and front in premier-partie boulle marquetry of red tortoiseshell and brass with scrolling foliage, arabesques, birds, insects and musicians. The arborello shaped front with 3 long graduated drawers which are centred by espagnolette masks. The sides veneered in contre-partie boulle work. Standing on fine ormolu feet.

Andre-Charles Boulle (1642-1732) perfected the technique of boulle work, veneering a plain carcase in intricate brass and tortoiseshell marquetry under the patronage of Louis XIV. Boulle's lavish creations were intended not only to reflect the magnificence of the French court but to promote the moral ascendancy of Louis XIV's rule over the rest of Europe, complimenting his political dominance.

This commode was commissioned to meet the revival of interest in Boulle work amongst the upper echelons o fthe English aristocracy during the late 19th Century.The Marquess of Hertford and the Duke of Marlborough during this period were competing for the finest items of and this commode was intended to meet this demand. The commode's top with its dazzling interplay of musicians, insects and birds is a great example of the master ebeniste's work. The commode's overall proportions and the sumptuousness of its finish are exactly what these exacting patrons sought for their collections.


Ref: 1588

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A Regency Mahogany Card Table

A Regency Mahogany Card Table


Height: 29" (73.5cm)

Depth: 17.5" (44.5cm)

Width: 35.5" (90cm)

A fine Regency period mahogany card table; the well figured top strung in brass and inlaid with brass acanthus sprays opens to reveal a baize lined playing surface; raised on an octagonal stem which is also inlaid with baize and terminates in a quadroform platformbase; standing on original scrolling ormolu feet.

Ref: 2090z

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George III Period Rosewood Veneered Cabinet

George III Period Rosewood Veneered Cabinet


Height: 58.5"

Depth: 16"

Width: 30.5"

The original brass gallery above adjustable bookshelves which are edged by a brass gallery; below is a pull-out writing slide with an adjustable ratchet set in the centre above two short mahogany lined drawers which are strung in satinwood and ebony, with a brass waist moulding and two cupboard doors which are decorated with a brass moulding; raised on sabre feet which are inlaid with satinwood.

Ref: 2125x

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A Regency Period Rosewood Veneered Sarcophagus Shaped Tea Caddy

A Regency Period Rosewood Veneered Sarcophagus Shaped Tea Caddy


Height: 6.5"

Depth: 5.5"

Width: 10"

Beautifully inlayed with scrolling brass work and raised on bun feet.

Ref: 26z

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