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This month we are featuring some pieces which portray man's age old affinity with horses and hounds.

The Merry Beaglers illustrates the efforts of Reverend Honeywood to bread the perfect pack of beagles and was commissioned as a memorial prior to the sale of the pack to the Prince Albert.

The equine bronze by Christophe Fratin shows his deep understanding of equine anatomy and empathy with tenderness of the mare towards her foal.

If you enjoy bronze sculpture I can highly recommend the Bronze exhibition at the Royal Academy which is showing untill the 9th December.

'The Merry Beaglers'

'The Merry Beaglers'


Height: 23.25"

Width: 30"

'The Reverend Philip Honeywood and his Beagles at Mark's Hall in Essex, with Mr Richard Lumley, Viscount Galway, Mr G S Foljambe'.
Colour aquatint
By B.J. Harris after Harry Hall (1814-1882)

The beagles in the present picture were considered the most perfect pack in England. They were sold to the Prince Consort for a large sum. They stood about 14in high and were incredibly fast. The uniform for the Hunt Staff was black velveteen jackets and white cord trousers.

Displayed in a contemporary ebonised and gilded picture frame.

Ref: PA5a

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A Bronze Animalier Sculpture of a Horse

A Bronze Animalier Sculpture of a Horse


Height: 11" (28cm)

Depth: 5.75" (14.5cm)

Width: 14.75" (37.5cm)

A beautifully sculpted bronze depicting a mare and her foal and entitled 'Jument et sons &  Poulain'.

By Christophe Fratin 1801-1864.

Chritophe Fratin was one of the leading animalier sculptors of Nineteenth Century France. Fratin's father was a taxidermist from whom he gained a deep understanding of anatomy. This enabled him to depict animals in superbly life like poses and show them as they would be found in nature- often eating or in motion. His training with the great artist Gericault refined this natural ability and led to him being one of the most sought after sculptors in Nineteenth Century France.


Ref: 314

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